Yacht Protection

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LSN’s Early Warning Perimeter Protection System utilizes proprietary high speed
radar & software, to detect intruders in a crew designated Protection Zone. Locked on target tracking together with thermal imaging/cctv camera assessment increases the ability for a timely and appropriate crew response.

  • Programmable Radar Protection Zones prevents false alarms from nonsecure areas
  • Expansive Area Surveillance
  • Detect and Track BEFORE Intrusion
  • Continuous Tracking of Target and Reporting AFTER Intrusion…
  • Unique combination of Security Knowledge, and State of the Art Technology
  • Vulnerability Assessment and Appropriate Response within Crew Designated
  • Protection Zone
  • Early Warning Perimeter Protection
  • On- Board Intrusion Detection
  • Video Management
  • Integration of Existing Cameras
  • Sonar Integration
  • Spotlight Integration


View Our Yacht Perimeter Protection Presentation:

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